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Welcome to the Amiga Magazine Rack!
Amiga Power 19 The Amiga Magazine Rack was launched in early 2007 after more than 2 years of development. The website you see today grew from 3 independent coverdisk and review indexes independently compiled by members of the Hall of Light team.

The site has close ties with the Hall of Light games database, with extensive cross-linking between the two sites. As a result, the current focus of the Amiga Magazine Rack is games, although application/hardware reviews and serious articles will be indexed in the fullness of time.

The Amiga Magazine Rack is backed by a large review database which is linked to tens of thousands of scanned pages.

The team wishes to thank RCK for making all of this possible - without his offer to host the site the project would not have come into existence.

If you wish to contribute to the project read the information below or contact one of the team members.
30 January 2013 - Quality Update for Amiga Joker

Here are some better (Re)Scans for Amiga Joker:
I've replaced my previous (old, ca. 100dpi) Versions with Scans in 150dpi, also having much better Colors/Contrast.

already updated some time ago:
Amiga Joker April 1990
Amiga Joker August/September 1990
Amiga Joker October 1990
Amiga Joker November 1990
Amiga Joker December 1990

updated today:
Amiga Joker May 1991
Amiga Joker June/July 1991
Amiga Joker August/September 1991
Amiga Joker November 1991
Amiga Joker December 1991
Amiga Joker January 1992
Amiga Joker February 1992
Amiga Joker March 1992

That's all for now.
Maybe more Updates will come some Day. But don't count on it.

Enjoy Reading!
10 January 2013 - More Amazing Computing scans online!

Shekster has been busily scanning again! Another batch of Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga issues are now online with all editorial content available.

The latest issues are January 1994, February 1994, March 1994 and April 1994. Enjoy!
07 January 2013 - More Amazing Computing scans online!

The Amiga Magazine Rack team can present a selection of issues from Amazing Computing magazine. September 1993, October 1993, November 1993 and December 1993 are now online!

Thanks very much to Shekster for scanning!
19 October 2012 - Full scans of Amiga Computing Vol 2 No 3 (August 1989) online!

Complete scans are now online. On the games front, Trained Assassin received the highest mark this month with a score of 95%. At the other end of the spectrum, Amiga Computing were not afraid to dish out the dirt and gave S.T.A.G. a lowly 11%.

The text editor TR TextEd faired even worse, gaining just 7%!
13 September 2012 - All page scans from The One Amiga issue 87 are now online!

By the time the Maverick editions of The One came out, the magazine was a sad version of itself. The reviews were expanded out to a huge number of pages (every game had at least a 6 page review!) with Coala coming in at a whopping 8 pages!

Even the cheat section looked as if the editor said "find anything that you can make a large map of and put that in" as evidenced by 8 pages of maps for Winter Supersports 92!
08 May 2012 - The first Amiga Shopper scans have been added!

Thanks to Ken D, we now have the first full scans of Amiga Shopper added to the Amiga Magazine Rack:

Amiga Shopper preview issue (April 1991)
Amiga Shopper issue 1 (May 1991)
Amiga Shopper issue 2 (June 1991)
17 April 2012 - All editorial content from The One issue 2 now online!

All editorial content from The One issue 2 are now available for your viewing pleasure. By issue 2, the Amiga had an equal number of reviews to the Atari ST with 13 each.

Some classic Amiga games were reviewed, including Speedball with 90%, Nebulus gaining 88% and Rocket Ranger with 86%. On the poor games front, Albedo was the joint worst Amiga game with Offshore Warrior (both scoring 41%) but the Atari ST stinker Game Over 2 received the lowest rating of all, gaining a mere 33%.
16 April 2012 - All editorial content from The One issue 1 now online!

All editorial content from The One issue 1 are now available for your viewing pleasure. Back in October 1988, the Atari ST had a lot more releases than the mighty Amiga, and only 5 Amiga games were reviewed.

The Amiga game Starglider 2 received the equal highest score this issue with 89%, jointly shared with the game Federation of Free Traders on the ST. Within a few months, major bugs were found in the game, and FOFT was given harsh reviews in other magazines.
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Help! We appreciate any help to complete the database. If you have any cover scans, page scans, disk images or have indexed reviews for magazines we do not have listed, please get in touch with us! You will be credited for your work!

If you would like to help us by indexing magazines, feel free to download the following templates:
If you wish to contribute scans, please read the frequently asked questions section!
Mort's Magazine Requests

Mort is willing to scan even more magazines for the Amiga Magazine Rack, but is missing several issues.

Can you help him out by selling, lending or donating magazines from his request list?

Did You Know?
Smallest review ever?

Stuart Campbell's review of Sim City in AP37 is quite possibly the smallest review of all time!

The main body of the review consisted entirely of "Look, I'm not reviewing Sim City again. No way. Forget it." with the bottom line simply saying, "It's Sim City, all right?" and awarding the game 90%.

Click for more trivia

Random Magazine
Amiga Format 29 (Dec 1991)

Amiga Format 29 (Dec 1991)

Game Score
Robocod: James Pond 2 91%
The First Samurai 91%
Battle Isle 90%
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 89%
MiG-29M Super Fulcrum 89%
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