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AUI Vol 5 No 4 (Apr 1991) front cover
Amiga User International 1.0
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Pages 116 Price £1.95
Contents Pages 4
Game Reviews 10 Average 72 %
Re-release Game Reviews 2 Average 69 %
All Reviews 12 Average 71 %
Cover Story The top Amiga games: the lovely Lemmings march in; fly the mind boggling Mig 29; adventure with the bemusing Betrayal; and it's sequel time, folks: Gazza 2, Chase HQ 2, Hard Drivin 2, Robocop 2 and Turrican 2; plus PD games special! and more!
Hittin' the metal: AUI's exclusive guide to the Amiga. Start here with part 1: the hardware.
Head to head: the cream of Amiga DTP: Professional Page 2.0 v Pagesteam 2.1.
The amazing Turboprint: how to give your printer laser quality.
Special reviews: Byte 'n' Back; Mega-Midget Racer; X-Copy Pro; Aztec C; Infofile; Peggy the Arpeggiator.
Editor Antony Jacobson
Note Lemmings reviewed in this issue and awarded 100%!

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