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Amiga Force 4 (Apr 1993) front cover
Amiga Force
Previous issue Issue 4      April 1993       Next issue
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Pages 84 Price £1.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 1 Average 90 %
All Reviews 1 Average 90 %
Cover Story Lemmings 2 Tribes: Worth dying for?
The yolk's on you! Every Dizzy game reviewed
All the new full-price and budget games reviewed!
Sleepwalker: Wake up to our dreamy maps and tips!
Luscious Lemmings 2 poster... free!
The Sensible Soccer Challenge: Full match report inside!
Trolls: Get lucky with our magic maps!
Win! The top 20 selling Amiga games from our price!
Plus! An NES & exclusive Dizzy cart from Codemasters!
And! Marvellous mouse mats from BBD!
Also starring: News, PD, tips, letters, charts, and more!
Editor Steve Shields
Note Reviews were not given a percentage

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