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Amiga Format 32 (Mar 1992) front cover
Amiga Format (Mar 1992 - May 2000)
Previous issue Issue 32      March 1992      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 228 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 31 Average 54 %
Re-release Game Reviews 10 Average 73 %
All Reviews 41 Average 58 %
Cover Story Completely Devastating!
How CD-based software is set to change your Amiga forever
The first 45 CD titles reviewed
Exclusive first peek at the A690 CD-ROM drive for your Amiga
Plus: Two totally new ways to get the best from your Amiga!
Learn to play keyboards with Miracle
Edit your own home video productions
Check out screen play for top game reviews: The stunning Heart of China, the devastating Robocop 3, and find out what we think of the No 1, WWF Wrestling!
Plus: Have the team behind the classic Rainbow Islands done it again with Realms?
Want to do some sampling? Read our complete guide to the theories and practise
Starting out with the Amiga? Beginners turn to Page 197 now to get on the way
Spine Text Cute decision
Editor Damien Noonan
Note This was the first issue with the new logo. The word Format was made a lot bigger from issue 32 onwards

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