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Amiga Format 18 (Jan 1991) front cover
Amiga Format (Aug 1989 - Feb 1992)
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Coverdisk Contents

Coverdisk 18a Type Pages HOL
One of the earliest attempts at artifically intelligent programming, Eliza fooled many people - will it fool you?
Miscellaneous 164
Save the lemmings from a pointless death - that's the concept behind this excellent demo of three levels from Psygnosis
Game (Demo) 161 View Hall of Light entry
The latest AI program, the Non-Intelligent-Amos-Language-Learner, learns to speak from what you type into it
Miscellaneous 164
Total Recall
The platform level from Ocean's upcoming officially licensed game - you play Arnie playing Quaid in his battle to save Mars!
Game (Demo) 162 View Hall of Light entry
Coverdisk 18 (The Interphase disk) Type Pages HOL
Take to the skies in this fun cartoon-style game - it puts you in a biplane, so naturally it's for two people to play!
Game (PD Full) 164 View Hall of Light entry
Extremely pretty lightshow program with its own soundtrack - of course, you can turn the sound down and play your own music
Miscellaneous 162
If you need one label printed or several hundred, this program can cope. Loads and saves lists and it's user-friendly too.
Utility 164
Interphase Game (Full) 173-176 View Hall of Light entry
The MIDI Analyser on Coverdisk 15 was good - but this is even better. It gives a graphical view of MIDI data, rather like a graphic equaliser
Utility (Sound) 162
Pic of the month: Donald Duck and Count Duckula
By Simon Wilkinson
Picture 162

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