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ACE 33 (Jun 1990) front cover
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Pages 124 Price £1.60
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 42 Average 80 %
Expansion/Data disk Game Reviews 1 Average 90 %
All Reviews 43 Average 80 %
Cover Story European Space Simulator goes CD-I: Report from Paris
Previewed: Ubisoft's BAT, 22nd Century fantasy/simulation
Interviewed: Don Bluth, the world's number one computer cartoonist
Profiled: Philips, games giant of the future
Win a trip to the future: Fabulous free trip to Paris' Science City - full details inside
Loom: First full review; an ocean of bliss? Or up the spout?
Rotox: Review of this rotating robotic quest
Ultima VI: Finished version playtested to destruction
Worlds on CD-ROM: The legendary Whole Earth Catalogue plus Compton's Multimedia Encyclopaedia
Euro Issue: First of a series of reports from European soft-cos - a growing challenge to Japan and the USA
Spine Text Euro issue one
Editor Steve Cooke

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