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ACE 30 (Mar 1990) front cover
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Pages 116 Price £1.60
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 19 Average 78 %
Budget Game Reviews 5 Average 58 %
Re-release Game Reviews 1 Average 30 %
All Reviews 25 Average 72 %
Cover Story Exclusive blockbusting CDI Bat-Fantasy from New York
Egads: Britain's first hypergame generator in action
Aliens zapped my little Willy! Classic shoot-em-up blasts from the past, present, and far future...
The Lost Patrol: Ocean storm the jungles of Vietnam; plus all the latest releases captured and interrogated
Hyperguide: Hypermedia, hypergames, hyper confused, hyperexplained
Spine Text Hyper issue
Editor Steve Cooke
Note Typical of ACE, the adventure section did not bother to indicate which games were reviewed on each platform. Dragons Of Flame was either the Amiga, Atari ST of PC version. Hound Of Shadow was most likely the Amiga or Atari ST version. Time was either the Amiga or Atari ST version.

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