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In Amiga Power's final issue AP65 (June 1993), Kick Off '96 from Anco was awarded just 1% by Stuart Campbell. This beat the previous lowest mark of 2% for International Rugby Challenge by Domark in AP26 (also by Stuart Campbell).

Despite the review being 4 pages long, problems with the game were glossed over to a large extent. The main problem mentioned was a bug that meant first-half injury time seemed to go on forever. (The longest test session was 4 hours). Some rather trivial problems such as the player strips not being 100% accurate, the clock counting down while waiting for you to press fire or a lack of sound effects were blown out of all proportion.

The review seemed an excuse to rant about the death of the Amiga in the style of a court-room drama, no doubt because it was the last ever issue of Amiga Power.

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