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The One
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  • Awesome in-depth previews.


  • The Maverick issues left a sour taste in readers mouths after consistently good issues for the previous few years.

Issue 1 (October 1988)

  • Premier issue was called The One for 16-bit games.
  • A 4-page poster sampler was given away with an issue of Computer + Video Games. (I think! If you know which issue, please contact us!)

Issue 21 (June 1990)

  • Renamed to The One (for Amiga, Atari ST and PC games).

Issue 32 (May 1991)

  • The success of the Amiga and Atari ST meant the magazine was split into two separate publications and the PC content dropped altogether.
  • The separate magazines were renamed to "The One for Amiga Games" and "The One for ST Games".

Issue 44 (May 1991)

  • Renamed to "The One" with a tagline of "Incorporating all the best of ACE".

Issue 47 (August 1992)

  • Renamed to "The One" and the ACE tagline was dropped.

Issue 49 (October 1992)

  • Renamed to "The One Amiga".

Issue 83 (August 1995)

  • Maverick bought the magazine and released 7 further issues (known as the Maverick editions).
  • The magazine was a pale imitation of itself, shrinking to 64 pages and then down to just 16.
  • The final few issues were mostly taken up by coverage of the coverdisk games.
  • Amiga Power prematurely announced the death of The One on page 14 of AP52.
  • Full Amiga games were given away on the coverdisks during this period.

The One Awards
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Star Buy

Awarded to certain budget games receiving 5 stars (coins)

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