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CU Amiga
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March 1986

  • A new logo was introduced that contained the word "user" in orange with a yellow border. This logo lasted a mere 3 issues!

June 1986

  • A new logo was introduced that emphasized the word "Commodore". This logo lasted 32 issues, ending with the January 1989 issue.

February 1989

  • The magazine changed it's logo to a huge CU writing with the words "Commodore User" and "Amiga - 64" underneath.

July 1989

  • The magazine dropped the words "Commodore User" from the name, so it was just "CU Amiga 64".
  • The magazine was still a mixture of colour and black and white reviews.

March 1990

  • C64 content was dropped and the magazine became "CU Amiga"
  • The magazine was still a mixture of colour and black and white reviews.

October 1990

  • Another logo change and now the title took the entire width of the magazine.
  • A byline was added under the logo stating "The ultimate games guide to the ultimate computer"

June 1991

  • Another logo, this time CU in a red oval with the word Amiga beside it.
  • The byline became "The complete guide to the Amiga"

December 1991

  • Another logo, this time the header became predominantly red. There was no shadow on the writing.

June 1992

  • A small black shadow was added to the logo.

January 1995

  • The word "magazine" was added in white text on a black panel. The magazine name became "CU Amiga Magazine"


  • CU went out of their way to get shots of sprites and tilesets used in games

CU Amiga Awards
Award Logo Name and Description
No picture
Cheapo of the month

CU Amiga In the Bin

Awarded to poor scoring games
CU Arcade Star

CU Top Rated

CU Screen Star (-Jul 1988)

CU Super Star (-Apr 1990)

CU Screen Star (Aug 1988-Sep 1990)

CU Super Star (May 1990-Sep 1990)

CU Screen Star (Oct 1990-Mar 1991)

CU Super Star (Oct 1990-Mar 1991)

CU Screen Star (Apr 1991-Nov 1991)

CU Super Star (Apr 1991-Nov 1991)

CU Screen Star (Dec 1991-Apr 1993)

CU Super Star (Dec 1991-Dec 1994)

CU Screen Star (May 1993-Dec 1994)

CU Amiga Magazine Superstar

Awards were redefined in Jan 1995. Existing CU Screen Star (85-92%) and CU Super Star (93%+) awards replaced with single CU Amiga Magazine Superstar award.

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