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  • Awesome original covers by artist supremo Oliver Frey.
  • Contained many of the best features copied by other magazines such as the Diary of a Game.
  • Each review contained at least 2 opinions from different reviewers.
  • Not afraid to give poor games low scores.
  • Started out with reviews marked out of 100% and never deviated from them.
  • Great programmer interviews.
  • Very reliable cheats section.
  • Massive Christmas editions.
  • Combined C64/Amiga reviews were great to compare the 2 versions.
  • Black and white cartoon faces of the reviewers showing how excited they were about any particular game.


  • The re-design of issue 74 made the magazine look less professional.
  • Dropping Amiga reviews meant the magazine was only going to be around for a few more years.


  • Issue 79 should have been released for November 1991 when Newsfield found itself in a cash-crisis and the liquidators were called in. Roger Kean (once Zzap editor) and a Newsfield director got together with Oliver Frey and Jonathan Rignall to raise finance through Europress. Europress Impact was formed and Zzap was back for December 1991.

Issue 42 (October 1988)

  • Introduction of full Amiga reviews.
  • A new logo was introduced which added the word Amiga below C64, but this was not obvious until issue 43 because a spaceship was blasting the old logo!
  • Amiga reviews were kept together in their own section near the back of the magazine.

Issue 74 (June 1991)

  • Amiga reviews dropped and Zzap becomes a C64 only magazine.
  • New layout introduced but sadly looks more like a kiddie magazine.
  • Oli Frey's classic black and white faces for the review comments replaced with more cartoony colour versions. Personally I liked the old ones better!

Zzap Awards
Award Logo Name and Description
Def Award

Awarded to the best games when rounding up a particular category
Gold Medal

The highest award in Zzap! Awarded for any game gaining 96% or higher
No picture
Silver Medal

Awarded to budget games and re-releases gaining 90% or higher

Awarded to any game gaining 90% or higher

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