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Amiga Point of View
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Amiga Point of View was created by various Amiga enthusiasts on the English Amiga Board. The magazine most resembles Amiga Power's comedic approach and contains game reviews, PD games roundup, cheats, articles and a letters page. The back page is again similar to Amiga Power in that it pokes fun at anything!


  • Website:
  • Format: Freely downloadable as PDF files
  • Issues: 3


  • Freely available as high quality PDF files.
  • Contains many bonus maps for games.
  • Anyone that wishes to contribute may do so.


  • Due to the hobbyist nature of the magazine and time constraints, only 2 issues have been created!


  • Adrian Simpson has been the editor for all issues.
  • Each issue was created on the PC using Quark Express.
  • The letters in issue 1 were all made up.
  • Full-page adverts were created for public domain games like Parachute Joust.
  • Issue 1 was remixed with some updated layout and fixes and released around the same time as issue 2. The re-mixed version has a different cover (the original cover has a yellow rectangle in the bottom right corner) as well as a re-mixed article about Team 17.
  • No awards are given out for high scoring games.

Game Reviewers

  • Steve B
  • Mark Green
  • Craig Hesmondhaigh
  • Rafael Lima
  • Engelbert Newark
  • Sebastian Rosa
  • Adrian Simpson
  • Carl Stapleton

Issue 1 (December 2003)

  • Released 13th December 2003 at the EAB Annual Meeting
  • Reviews of Sensible Golf, Forgotten Worlds, The Faery Tale Adventure, Rise of the Robots, Captain Planet, Balance of Power, K240, Eye of the Beholder, Foundation's Waste, PD games
  • Articles about Team 17 and comics on the Amiga
  • Walkthroughs, hints and maps for Quest For Glory, Zak McKracken, Switchblade

Issue 2 (July 2004)

  • Released 30th July 2004
  • Reviews of Micro Machines, Ishar, Aladdin, The Lion King, Robocop, Liberation CD32, Yogi's Great Escape, PD games
  • Articles about Bullfrog as well as interpreters and open source conversions
  • Walkthroughs, hints and maps for Legend of Kyrandia, Zak McKracken part 2, Switchblade level 2

Writeup by Codetapper

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