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AUI Vol 9 No 1 (Jan 1995) front cover
Amiga User International 4.0
Previous issue Volume 9 No 1      January 1995      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Coverdisk Contents

Superdisk No. 49 Type Pages HOL
Book Corner
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Miscellaneous 8
DB v2.3
Database program that requires WB2+
Utility 6 7
Dialling Codes v1.5
Gives UK and international STD codes. Dated 09/09/94
Miscellaneous 7
Disk Spare
Allows you to format disks with 960k or 984k of disk space
Utility 7
EdWord v5
Word processor with save function disabled
Application (Demo) 7
File manager to copy and delete files as well as many other operations on files and directories
Utility 8
Text file viewing utility including a link virus detector
Utility 7
Move VBR
Requires a 68010 or higher
Utility 7
Pointer Eyes v.3
Places a pair of eyes in the screen title bar. The eyeballs move to watch your pointer and do tiny tricks
Utility 7
Pointer X Utility 7
Programming Tips
Includes a Workbench 2 utility to encrypt and decipher files. By Paul Overaa
Source 7
Q-Bench Utility 7
UUxT v2.0b
Allows you to send binary files as ASCII
Utility 8
XOper v2.2
Displays and controls system activity
Utility 7
Superdisk No. 50 Type Pages HOL
Colonial Conquest
By Christian Mumenthaler
Game (PD Full) 10 11
Defender clone by Paul Andrews and Rodney Smith of Vision Software
Game (PD Full) 11 View Hall of Light entry
Click on tiles to revolve them until they match a design generated by the computer. By Aaron Fisher
Game (PD Full) 11
Knock Out Whist by Ian Cumberlidge
Game (PD Full) 11

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