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Zero 35 (Sep 1992) front cover
Zero 2 (Jul 1992- )
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Name Publisher Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Aquatic Games   Amiga,Atari ST,Mega drive Millennium Preview (in-depth) 84-85 View Hall of Light entry
Bart's Nightmare   SNES LJN Preview 86
Battle Clash   SNES Nintendo Preview 87
Daemonsgate   Amiga,Atari ST,PC Gremlin Preview 88 View Hall of Light entry
Dirty Racing   Gameboy Gremlin Preview 89
F15 Strike Eagle   SNES,NES,Game Boy MicroProse Preview 91 View Hall of Light entry
George Forman   NES,Gameboy LJN Preview 86-87
Jeep Jamboree   Gameboy Gremlin Preview 87
Kirby's Dream   Gameboy Nintendo Preview 86
Lotus: The Final Challenge   Amiga,Atari ST Gremlin Preview 91 View Hall of Light entry
Lunar Chase   Gameboy Nintendo Preview 90-91
Mario Paint and Mouse   SNES Nintendo Preview 88
NCCA Basketball   SNES Nintendo Preview 87
Nigel Mansell's World Championship   Amiga,Atari ST,PC,NES,SNES,Game Boy Gremlin Preview 90 View Hall of Light entry
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Benders   PC MicroProse Preview 90-91
Rodland   Gameboy,NES Storm Preview 90
Siege   PC Electronic Arts Preview 90
Special Tee Shot   SNES Nintendo Preview 86-87
Super Mario Kart   SNES Nintendo Preview 88-89
Super Mario Land 2   Gameboy Nintendo Preview 88
Terminator 2   SNES,NES LJN Preview 86
Theatre of War   PC Electronic Arts Preview 91
Troddlers   Amiga,SNES Storm Preview 89 View Hall of Light entry
Wave Race   Gameboy Nintendo Preview 89
WWF   Gameboy LJN Preview 88
Yoshi   Gameboy Nintendo Preview 91

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