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Commodore User (Jul 1987) front cover
Commodore User (Jun 1986-Jan 1989)
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Autoduel   C64 Origin/MicroProse 2/10 Bohdan Buciak 56 View Hall of Light entry
Bureaucracy   Amiga,C128 Infocom/Activision 7/10 Keith Campbell 105 View Hall of Light entry
Challenge of the Gobots   C64 Ariolasoft 5/10 Mark Patterson 52
Championship Baseball   Amiga Activision 7/10 79 View Hall of Light entry
Colony   C64 Bulldog 5/10 Tony Hetherington 55
Deathscape   C64 Starlight 6/10 Mark Patterson 46-47
Falcon: The Renegade Lord   C64 Virgin Games 6/10 Bill Scolding 73
Greyfell   C64 Ariolasoft 7/10 Ken McMahon 54-55
Hades Nebula   C64 Nexus 7/10 Bohdan Buciak 51
I, Ball   C64
Cheapo of the month
Firebird 9/10 Bohdan Buciak 34
Inheritance 2: Chaos in Scotland   C64 Infogrames 8/10 Bohdan Buciak 66-67
Kat Trap   C64 Streetwise 7/10 Tony Hetherington 22
Kinetik   C64 Firebird 5/10 Bill Scolding 44
The Last Ninja   C64 System 3 9/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Eugene Lacey 17 View Hall of Light entry
Mag Max   C64 Ocean 4/10 Mark Patterson 38-39
Max Torque   C64 Bubble Bus 5/10 Bohdan Buciak 38-39
Metrocross   C64 US Gold 7/10 Mike Pattenden 26
Milk Race   C64 Mastertronic 6/10 Bohdan Buciak 41
Murder on the Atlantic   C64 Infogrames 8/10 Tony Hetherington 68 View Hall of Light entry
Oink!   C64 CRL 7/10 Eugene Lacey 36-37
Rasterscan   C64 Mastertronic 8/10 Bohdan Buciak 74
Revs+   C64
Reviewed as REVS PLUS
Firebird 5/10 Mike Pattenden 25
Shadow Skimmer   C64 The Edge 5/10 Bill Scolding 62
Slap Fight   C64 Imagine 5/10 Eugene Lacey 65
Snap Dragon   C64 Bubble Bus 2/10 Ken McMahon 54-55
Spy vs Spy: Arctic Antics   C64 Databyte 6/10 Bill Scolding 49 View Hall of Light entry
Stationfall   Amiga Infocom/Activision 10/10 Keith Campbell 98-99 View Hall of Light entry
Stifflip & Co.   C64 Palace Software 8/10 Bill Scolding 42-43
Summer Events   C16/Plus 4
Not awarded a CU Super Star despite receiving a high rating
Anco/Kingsoft 9/10 Eugene Lacey 80-81
Temple of Terror   C64 US Gold/Adventure Soft 7/10 Keith Campbell 100-101
Thing Bounces Back   C64 Gremlin Graphics 8/10 31
Trio   C64
GREAT GURIANOS, AIRWOLF II, CATABALL (all previously unreleased)
Elite 6/10 Compilation Mike Pattenden 18-19
Wiz   C64 Melbourne House 8/10 Ken McMahon 61
Wonder Boy   C64 Activision/Sega 6/10 Mike Pattenden 29
World Games   Amiga
Incorrectly labelled as a C64 review
US Gold 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Francis Jago 76-77 View Hall of Light entry
Zolyx   C64 Firebird 7/10 Mike Pattenden 39

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