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CU Amiga (Aug 1991) front cover
CU Amiga Complete Guide
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Pages 180 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 23 Average 75 %
Re-release Game Reviews 6 Average 76 %
All Reviews 29 Average 75 %
Cover Story Get rich quick with your Amiga
Which arcade games last longest?
Exclusive: King's Quest V
Scanners compared
Win! DPaint 4 & Workbench Management System
Bill & Ted, Thunderhawk, Cardinal of the Kremlin, Elf, Turtles 2, Moonbase, Battle Chess 2, Blues Brothers, Maupiti Island, Final Blow, Armalyte, Thunderjaws, Hunter
Create your own logos
Deluxe Paint on film
Music X Version 2
Install keyboard shortcuts
Editor Steve James
Note Coverdisk 16

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