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Amiga Force 5 (May 1993) front cover
Amiga Force
Previous issue Issue 5      May 1993       Next issue
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Pages 84 Price £1.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 7 Average 79 %
Re-release Game Reviews 14 Average 65 %
Roundup Game Reviews 17 Average 84 %
All Reviews 38 Average 76 %
Cover Story Mind-blowing beat-'em-up! Body Blows
All the latest full-price & budget games reviewed... and rated!
36 cracking cheats to cut-out 'n' keep!
Tips galore and a whole lot more!
The best-ever arcade adventures reviewed and rated!
Win! Cool leather jacket & loads of games from Team 17 Plus! All the latest Kixx releases
Is the Chaos Engine driving you round the bend? Then restore order with our anarchic maps!
Editor Steve Shields
Note Comes with free battlecards

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