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CU Amiga (Feb 1991) front cover
CU Amiga Ultimate Games Guide
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Jean-Michel Jarre Live   Amiga
Virus Free PD, disk 1042
Public domain 107
Jimi Hendrix Vol 1   Amiga
Demo of the month submitted by readers
Public domain 107
The Magician 2.0   Amiga Public domain 105
Mayhem   Amiga Public domain 107
Megademo 2   Amiga Public domain 111
Nudge Nudge   Amiga
Premier PD, disk 338
Public domain 111
Nudge Nudge 2   Amiga
Premier PD, disk 339
Public domain 111
Passion Slides 2   Amiga
Virus Free PD, disk 1021
Public domain 105
Popeye   Amiga
Remake of Popeye Game & Watch by Nintendo. Premier PD, disk 299
Public domain 107
Silly Animations Disk 1   Amiga
Virus Free PD, disk 1077
Public domain 104
Star Trek Disk 2   Amiga
17-Bit PD, disk 806
Public domain 104
Treasure Search (APD 2)   Amiga
Public domain 105
Virus Free Competition Slides   Amiga
Virus Free PD, disk 1030
Public domain 104

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