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CU Amiga (Oct 1992) front cover
CU Amiga
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
AM/FM Issue 5   Amiga
Music magazine on disk. 17 Bit Software
75% Public domain Mat Broomfield 141
Comic Book Art   Amiga
Disk No: S584 from NBS. Slideshow
78% Public domain 136
Disk Imploder (DIMP)   Amiga
Disk No: U640 from NBS
77% Public domain Mat Broomfield 141
Frac 2.0   Amiga
Adventure creator from Amiganuts United
90% Public domain Mat Broomfield 141
Hellzone   Amiga
Disk No: G291 from NBS
90% Public domain 136
In the Kitchen   Amiga
Disk No: 2065 from 17 Bit Software
76% Public domain 137
Maggie 2: Pancake Day   Amiga
Disk No: S585 from NBS
85% Public domain 137
Map Ed v1.05   Amiga
Amiganuts United
78% Public domain Mat Broomfield 139
Morse Code Tutor   Amiga
Disk No: L/101 from Deja Vu Software
70% Public domain Mat Broomfield 139,141
The Secret Policeman's Ball   Amiga
Disk No: M230+M231 from Diskovery. Sample
73% Public domain 137
Sector One   Amiga
Disk No: G293 from NBS
56% Public domain 137
Shamen: Love Sex Intelligence   Amiga
Disk No: 2062 from 17 Bit Software. Sample
83% Public domain 137
Soundtracker v2.6   Amiga
Disk No: 2067 from 17 Bit Software
83% Public domain Mat Broomfield 139
Total Concept's Astronomy   Amiga
Disk No: PE010 from Valley PD
87% Public domain Mat Broomfield 141
Total Recall   Amiga
Disk No: S828 from Diskovery
75% Public domain 137
Wayne's World Slideshow   Amiga
Disk No: 2108 A+B from 17 Bit Software. Slideshow
69% Public domain 136

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