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CU Amiga (Mar 1991) front cover
CU Amiga Ultimate Games Guide
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
4D Companion   Amiga
MIDI music software
Gajits Music Software 7/10 Chris Jenkins 119
Amazing Tunes 2   Amiga
Virus Free PD, disk 1096
Public domain 106
Amiga Printers Inside & Out   Amiga Abacus 121
Batman the Movie (animation)   Amiga
Virus Free, disk 1095
Public domain 109
Big Alternative Scroller   Amiga
Genlock software
Alternative Image 9/10 Chris Jenkins 118
CMPanion   Amiga
MIDI music software
Gajits Music Software 7/10 Chris Jenkins 119
Fillet the Fish   Amiga
Sector 16, disk 413
Public domain 109
Future Visions (Fraxion Slideshow)   Amiga
17-Bit, disk 814
Public domain 109
Goldfire Megademo   Amiga
Virus Free PD, disk 1107
Public domain 106
Harry Enfield   Amiga
Deeper Domain, disk 210
Public domain 109
Iraq Demo   Amiga
PD Soft, disk 1021
Public domain 107
KRP Timecode Video Editing System   Amiga
Package includes 1Mb A500, modified Panasonic FS100 SVHS VCRs (2), Rendale genlock, KRP hardware interface, software
KRP Video Services 7/10 Chris Jenkins 117
Madonna Slideshow 3   Amiga
Demo of the month
Public domain 107
Making Music on the Amiga   Amiga Abacus 121
Mi-Cro Con-Cept   Amiga
ABOTS PD, disk 824. Music disk
Public domain 107
Passport Trax MIDI Sequencer   Amiga
MIDI sequencer
MCMXCIX 8/10 Chris Jenkins 119
Printapen 5000   Amiga Oyster Terminals 121
Quiz Master   Amiga
Amiganuts, disk 876. Licenceware
Amiganuts Public domain 109 View Hall of Light entry
Samick XM-99 Synthesizer Module   Amiga Samick UK 7/10 Chris Jenkins 118-119
Sequencer One   Amiga
IFF/MIDI sequencer
Gajits Music Software 7/10 Chris Jenkins 119
Snapshot Digishow Vol. 2   Amiga
ABOTS PD, disk 849
Public domain 107
Subculture   Amiga
NBS, disk G155. Shareware game demo
Public domain 106
ZVP VideoStudio   Amiga
Genlock software
ZVP 7/10 Chris Jenkins 117-118

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