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CU Amiga (Dec 1991) front cover
CU Amiga No Shadow
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Coverdisk Contents

Coverdisk 22 (An instant games collection) Type Pages
Amiga Q Game (PD Full) 26
Amigatration Game (PD Full) 28
Amoeba Invaders Game (PD Full) 29
Backgammon Game (PD Full) 26
Bally 3 Game (PD Full) 29
Chinese Checkers Game (PD Full) 27
Circuit Wars Game (PD Full) 29
Cosmoroids Game (PD Full) 29
Deluxe Hamburger Game (PD Full) 29
Dilemma Game (PD Full) 28
Egyption Run Game (PD Full) 30
Go Moku Game (PD Full) 28
Kamikaze Chess Game (PD Full) 28
Match Patch Game (PD Full) 30
Mirrorwars Game (PD Full) 30
Missile Command Game (PD Full) 29
Peg Puzzle (The Tower) Game (PD Full) 28
Stepz Game (PD Full) 30
Tic Tac Toe Game (PD Full) 28
Tumbling Tots Game (PD Full) 30
Up And Down Game (PD Full) 28
Coverdisk 23 Type Pages
Clip Art Picture 30
DTP Templates Utility 30
Screen of the Month: Terminator 2
By Warren Kelling of Andover
Picture 35
Text Plus v2.2e Utility 35
Tune of the Month 1
By Kristian Kalevi Kuovo of Mustio, Finland
Music 30
Tune of the Month 2: Fantasy
By Patrick (Dexter) Glasby of Portsmouth
Music 30

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