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Zero 30 (Apr 1992) front cover
Zero 1 (Oct 1989-Jun 1992)
Previous issue Issue 30      April 1992      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 100 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 5
Game Reviews 16 Average 86 %
Re-release Game Reviews 6 Average 80 %
All Reviews 22 Average 85 %
Cover Story Mega scoop review: Sim Ant
Indy Heat
Steel Empire
Star Trek
Storm Master
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Sensible Soccer
Tip Stop! All you ever wanted to know about Populous 2 and Civilization (but were afraid to ask)
Win: A dream date with Cheggers*
*April Fool!
Spine Text Ever thought of having your winkle chopped off? Research shows castrated people live 13 years longer.
Editor David Wilson

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