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Zero 29 (Mar 1992) front cover
Zero 1 (Oct 1989-Jun 1992)
Previous issue Issue 29      March 1992      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 92 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 5
Game Reviews 23 Average 76 %
Expansion/Data disk Game Reviews 1 Average 86 %
Re-release Game Reviews 4 Average 83 %
All Reviews 28 Average 77 %
Cover Story Hook: The first look at Ocean's Spielberg licence!
Reviewed and previewed: Bat 2, Hare Raising Havoc, The Rocketeer, Fantastic Voyage, Dark Seed, Lost in LA, Abandoned Places, Leander, Mercenary 3, The Godfather, Elvira 2, Wolfchild, Advantage Tennis
Tips a gogo!
Hunter and Midwinter solutions
First Samurai completed
Alien Breed mapped
Another World solved
Spine Text Spine compo! Write in and tell us how many willies a boy snake has, and you can win, er... a bag of jelly snakes!
Editor David Wilson

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