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Zero 9 (Jul 1990) front cover
Zero 1 (Oct 1989-Jun 1992)
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Pages 100 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 5
Game Reviews 23 Average 84 %
All Reviews 23 Average 84 %
Cover Story Aerial war exclusives! Fokker, Wings and Red Baron!
Red hot scoops! F-19 Stealth Fighter, Corporation, Commando War, Unreal
Plus: Italy 1990, Combo Racer, Rotox, Resolution 101
Gravity: 100° proof hints and tips for shandy drinkers!
See! The Jets in action!
Win! A racing bike and portable CD hi-fi
Plus: Wimbledon fever!
Spine Text It's a little known fact that originally there were 13 disciples. St. Barry was chucked out for not having 'a religious-sounding name'
Editor Tim Ponting

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