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Zero 4 (Feb 1990) front cover
Zero 1 (Oct 1989-Jun 1992)
Previous issue Issue 4      February 1990       Next issue
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Pages 116 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 5
Game Reviews 20 Average 83 %
Expansion/Data disk Game Reviews 1 Average 80 %
Re-release Game Reviews 3 Average 82 %
All Reviews 24 Average 83 %
Cover Story From the designer who brought you Shadow of the Beast: Awesome! Cosmic exclusive on page 40
Over 40 reviews and previews including: Their Finest Hour, X-Out, Space Ace, Ramrod, Chaos Strikes Back, ESS, Xenomorph
Win! A midi music system complete with keyboard, a video recorder and Star Trek movies, over 100 games, a Dawes Ascent mountain bike, a cabbage!
Plus: Switchblade map part one
Console Action mini-mag
Special comics feature
Zero reader's poll
Spine Text Compo: The world's biggest cabbage was very heavy. Write and tell us exactly how much it weighed and you could win... your very own cabbage! Hurrah!
Editor Tim Ponting

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