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Zero 2 (Dec 1989) front cover
Zero 1 (Oct 1989-Jun 1992)
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Pages 116 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 5
Game Reviews 20 Average 81 %
Re-release Game Reviews 6 Average 74 %
All Reviews 26 Average 80 %
Cover Story The Untouchables: Killer exclusive on page 18
Over 30 reviews & previews including: Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Power Drift, M1 Tank Platoon, Future Wars, Batman, Stunt Car Racer, Laser Squad, Interphase, Hard Drivin', Turbo Outrun
Also Console action: Special 6-page mini-magazine
Wibble sticks! Joysticks: The ten best test
Win a lot! 50 Sega super systems, 50 Goodmans CD players, and £25,000 worth of software from Virgin Mastertronic
Plus: News, music, adventures, graphics, tips, maps, arcades and more...
Spine Text The remarkable thing about the so-called 'hairy frog' (Astylosternus Robustus) is that it is, in fact, 100% bald
Editor Gareth Herincx

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