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The One Amiga 51 (Dec 1992) front cover
The One Amiga
Previous issue Issue 51      December 1992      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Pages 132 Price £3.75
Contents Pages 4-5,49
Game Reviews 18 Average 71 %
Compilation Game Reviews 2 Average 85 %
Public domain Game Reviews 7 Average 71 %
Re-release Game Reviews 4 Average 67 %
All Reviews 31 Average 71 %
Cover Story Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... Superfrog! Team 17's new platform hero takes to the skies!
The ultimate games machine? Commodore's new Amiga 1200 unveiled!
Best disks ever!
Oh yeah! The WWF is back!
Reviewed! Lethal Weapon, Legends of Valour, Nigel Mansell, Campaign, McDonalds Land, BC Kid, Bill's Tomato Game, Rampart, No Second Prize and many more!
Tipped! Zool, Wizkid, Putty, Eye of the Beholder 2!
Plus! Richard Joseph speaks! Gamesmaster Live preview!
Spine Text Superfrog and super Amiga
Editor David Upchurch

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