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The One 27 (Dec 1990) front cover
The One (Jun 1990-Apr 1991)
Previous issue Issue 27      December 1990      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 196 Price £2.50
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 11 Average 87 %
All Reviews 11 Average 87 %
Cover Story Enter the nightmare world of Cybercon 3 from the Assembly Line and US Gold: Read the work in progress! Play the preview disk!
Amazing! We swing along with Spider-Man and meet his maker
Gripping! Predator 2: The hunt continues
Golden Axe: 24 carat combat
The First Samurai: Better than the last
Sim Earth: Making the world a better place
RoboCop 2: It's a monster
Midwinter 2: Defrosted
SWIV: Shoot'em up of the year?
Win! A Team Suzuki day out with Gremlin
Ranx: Crass comic-book capers
Editor Gary Penn

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