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Amiga Format 136 (May 2000) front cover
Amiga Format (Mar 1992 - May 2000)
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Coverdisk Contents

Coverdisk 136a Type Pages
Dir Scanner v2.0
Utility to find files on your hard drive. Requires WB3+ and MUI
Utility 72
Icon Image Copier
Copies icon images between icons. Supports most icon types including NewIcons
Utility 72
Magnification tool
Utility (Gfx) 72
Allows you to lock your Amiga by requesting a username and password while you are away from your Amiga
Utility 72
Monitors a variety of system operations
Utility 72
Visual Prefs
System patch to customise the look and feel of your Amiga's GUI. Requires WB3+ and a hard drive
Utility 72
System monitor
Utility 72
Coverdisk 136b Type Pages
A Galaxian style space shooter written in AMOS by Zeljko Kolarevicis
Game (PD Full) 73
Number Cruncher
Educational game designed to assist children improve their addition skills. Requires MUI
Game (PD Full) 73
WiZ 2
Platform game written in AMOS that is the sequel to the 1998 game WiZiO by Steve Eaborn
Game (PD Full) 73

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