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Amiga Force 0 (Oct 1992) front cover
Amiga Force
Issue 0      October 1992       Next issue
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Pages 20 Price Free
Contents Pages 3
Cover Story Win! £1,000 worth of Amiga software!
A ton of tips! Top tips to the 100 best ever Amiga games!
Free inside! Cut-out 'n' keep cheat cards for all the latest releases!
Full maps and cheats for Grand Prix Mania!
We review all the new budget games... every month!
R-Type: The maps!
Foul! We kick the top footy sims into touch with our cheatarama!
We examine the best budget bargains in town - rip-roaring stuff, or just a rip off? Find out inside!
Maps, cheats, tips, hints, complete solutions, and Bobby more!
Editor Steve Shields
Note The cover mentions a lot of stuff that is not actually in this teaser issue. The contents page goes on to list pages that do not exist either. A number of page-numbering gremlins also appeared, with pages 8, 12 and 13 all numbered incorrectly. Almost all of the cheats are for the wrong game or contain mistakes which render them non-working! Overall, this was an extremely shoddy preview issue!
Admin Note Need to check what magazine this came with, what month it came out in etc

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