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Amiga Format 72 (Jun 1995) front cover
Amiga Format (Mar 1992 - May 2000)
Previous issue Issue 72      June 1995      3 coverdisks Next issue
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Pages 148 Price £4.50
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 11 Average 68 %
Re-release Game Reviews 2 Average 92 %
All Reviews 13 Average 72 %
Cover Story Sold!: Amiga saved. Escom buy Commodore; New Amigas on the way; Full exclusive details
Plus: celebrate 10 years of thh Amiga
HiQ PowerStation: expand your Amiga without resorting to DIY
Directory Opus 5: New and improved, or have GPSoft gone off the rails?
Ultimate Soccer Manager: Impressions enter the world of football management...
High Seas Trader: ... and board ship to battle the seas. Death or glory?
Spine Text Escommodore sold yet?
Editor Nick Veitch

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