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Amiga Format 56 (Feb 1994) front cover
Amiga Format (Jan 1994 - Aug 1994)
Previous issue Issue 56      February 1994      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Pages 180 Price £3.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 20 Average 72 %
Budget Game Reviews 1 Average 87 %
Re-release Game Reviews 8 Average 78 %
All Reviews 29 Average 74 %
Cover Story How would you spend £250 on your Amiga? We gave our readers the dosh: What did they buy?
Plus! Win your own shopping spree in our big cash bonanza
Comms: Discover the delights of getting your Amiga on-line
16-bit sampling: Toccata and Wavetools under examination
Fractals: An exciting new way of exploring the magic of Mandelbrots
Wordworth: Exclusive! Try version 3 here
Tornado: Take to the skies with this demo of the new jet-fighter flight sim
Toado: Get seriously addicted to this great version of the famous arcade classic Frogger
Games: Tornado, Campaign 2, Star Trek, Beneath a Steel Sky, Cool Spot, Goblins 3, Maelstrom
CD32 latest news and reviews
Serious: Protext 6, Playmation, Rainbow 3, Disk Expander, A4091
Spine Text Cash and prices
Editor Marcus Dyson

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