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Amiga Format 43 (Feb 1993) front cover
Amiga Format (Mar 1992 - May 2000)
Previous issue Issue 43      February 1993      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Pages 212 Price £3.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 13 Average 74 %
Budget Game Reviews 5 Average 64 %
Compilation Game Reviews 6 Average 73 %
All Reviews 24 Average 72 %
Cover Story Exploded! Find out how the Amiga really works as we blow apart its innermost secrets!
Fighting for the top spot: One of these games is great - one isn't. Find out which is which inside! (Street Fighter 2 vs WWF European Rampage)
Stupendous! Complete £50 package Prodata
The Amiga in 1993: Read our amazing predictions!
Game greats: LucasArts' latest and sporting greats!
Spine Text Open art surgery
Editor Damien Noonan

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