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Amiga Format 26 (Sep 1991) front cover
Amiga Format (Aug 1989 - Feb 1992)
Previous issue Issue 26      September 1991      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 204 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 18 Average 69 %
Expansion/Data disk Game Reviews 1 Average 85 %
Re-release Game Reviews 1 Average 51 %
All Reviews 20 Average 69 %
Cover Story Deluxe Paint IV exclusive! This year's big release, but how good is it? Find out here first!
Get into the groove!
Want to know how the music for games is made? The Bitmaps sell their secrets
Want to do it yourself? We give you everything you need to start making music
Try it yourself! Paint in 4096 colours with our exclusive Coverdisk demo!
Play the amazing Magic Pockets!
Get the power with Mega-lo-Mania
Pot black in Jimmy White's Snooker
Fly the Thunderhawk
Wanna make 3D games? New AMOS in full 3D
Look at that! Stunning new graphics packages let you draw, create fractal worlds, work in 24-bit colour
10 unique pages of incredibly useful hints, tips and advice
Spine Text Colour by numbers
Editor Damien Noonan
Note Coverdisk boots into Magic Pockets demo / Noisetracker. Other coverdisk items can be accessed from Workbench.

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