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Amiga Format 15 (Oct 1990) front cover
Amiga Format (Aug 1989 - Feb 1992)
Previous issue Issue 15      October 1990      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 220 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 20 Average 76 %
Expansion/Data disk Game Reviews 1 Average 71 %
All Reviews 21 Average 76 %
Cover Story Hidden secrets
Viruses: What they are and how to avoid them
Graphics: Faster than a speeding bullet with accelerator cards
Multimedia: Make your own applications with viva
Music: How professional studios use the amiga
PC emulator: How to run pc software on you amiga
Sampling: Audio engineer - is it the ultimate?
Fractals: Create your own vista worlds
Design: Can a touch tablet totally revolutionalise your work?
Games: Twenty-five pages of the latest and greatest
Win: Five superb second disk drives
Plus: Over 20 games reviewed, including Monty Python, Shadow of the Beast 2, Operation Stealth, Magic Fly, Time Machine and Supremacy
On the disk: Hugely wonderful two-player playable demo of Imageworks' Flip-it and Magnose, virus checkers, midi analyser and lots more
Spine Text Black and white and best read all over
Editor Bob Wade

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