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Zzap 86 (Jul 1992) front cover
Zzap 64
Previous issue Issue 86      July 1992      1 Megatape Next issue
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
The Addams Family   C64 Ocean 57% Ian Osborne
Steve Shields
60-61 View Hall of Light entry
Air Rescue   Arcade Sega Mark Caswell 49
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing   C64 85% Roundup Phil King 17
Bismarck   C64 Summit 90% Re-release Ian Osborne 44-45 View Hall of Light entry
Bod Squad   C64 Zeppelin 81% Mark Caswell
Steve Shields
Bug Bomber   C64 KingSoft 87% Mark Caswell
Steve Shields
58-59 View Hall of Light entry
By Fair Means or Foul   C64 Superior Software 70% Roundup Phil King 18
The Champ   C64 Linel 80% Roundup Phil King 17 View Hall of Light entry
Championship Wrestling   C64 Epyx 45% Roundup Phil King 16
Chuck Rock   C64 Core Design 96% Zzap Gold Medal (96%+) Mark Caswell
Phil King
65 View Hall of Light entry
Devastating Blow   C64 Beyond Belief 10% Roundup Phil King 18
DJ Puff's Volcanic Capers   C64 Code Masters 72% Ian Osborne
Phil King
Fight Night   C64 US Gold 76% Roundup Phil King 18
Final Blow   C64 Storm 30% Roundup Phil King 18 View Hall of Light entry
Frank Bruno's Boxing   C64 Elite 53% Roundup Phil King 17-18
The Getaway   Arcade
Williams Mark Caswell 49
Gunship   C64 Kixx 80% Re-release Mark Caswell 43 View Hall of Light entry
Hit Pack #2   C64
Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge (60%); Go-Kart Simulator (25%); Sabotage (20%); Las Vegas Casino (37%)
Zeppelin 40% Compilation Phil King 50
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game   C64 US Gold 56% Ian Osborne
Mark Caswell
12-13 View Hall of Light entry
The Inner Lakes   C64 The Guild 77% Bash the Barbarian 33
League Football   C64 Cult 73% Re-release Phil King 46-47
The Lineker Collection   C64
Italy 1990 (75%); Gary Lineker's Superskills (45%); Gary Lineker's Hotshot (61%); Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (41% tape, 57% disk)
Kixx 60% Compilation Phil King 50
The Match   C64 Cult 80% Re-release Phil King 46-47
Microleague Wrestling   C64 Microleague Sports 38% Roundup Phil King 16-17 View Hall of Light entry
The Party Zone   Arcade Bally/Williams Mark Caswell 49
Pegasus Bridge   C64 Summit 65% Re-release Ian Osborne 45
Rock 'n' Wrestle   C64 Melbourne House 27% Roundup Phil King 17
Star Rank Boxing 2   C64 Activision 50% Roundup Phil King 18
Steigar   C64 Summit 35% Re-release Mark Caswell 44-45 View Hall of Light entry
Street Cred Boxing   C64 Players Premier 22% Roundup Phil King 18
Summer Camp   C64 Kixx 85% Re-release Mark Caswell 42-43 View Hall of Light entry
Tag Team Wrestling   C64 Data East 15% Roundup Phil King 17
TKO   C64 Accolade 41% Roundup Phil King 18
Turbo the Tortoise   C64 Hi-Tec 81% Ian Osborne
Phil King
World Class Soccer   C64 Kixx 75% Re-release Phil King 46 View Hall of Light entry
WWF Wrestlemania   C64 Ocean 90% Roundup Phil King 16 View Hall of Light entry
Zoids   C64 Alternative 80% Re-release Phil King 42-43

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