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Zzap 86 (Jul 1992) front cover
Zzap 64
Previous issue Issue 86      July 1992      1 Megatape Next issue
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Pages 68 Price £2.50
Contents Pages 3
Game Reviews 8 Average 76 %
Compilation Game Reviews 2 Average 50 %
Re-release Game Reviews 9 Average 74 %
Roundup Game Reviews 15 Average 49 %
All Reviews 34 Average 62 %
Cover Story Lords of the ring! Every C64 wrestling and boxing game reviewed!
Free inside! Incredible Indiana Jones poster!
Win! Leather bum-bags from US Gold plus ten jazzy joysticks!
All the latest full price & budget games reviewed!
Top tips for Turrican, The BOD squad, Turbo Out Run, Golden Axe, Robocop and more!
100% full colour!
On your sterling Megatape: Three superb full games and one playable demo:
Insects in Space: Buzzin' blast-'em-up!
Glider Rider: Bomb those baddies with Zzap!
Sub Sonic: Exclusive game by top programmers!
Bug Bomber: Dynamite demo - 20 different levels!
Editor Steve Shields

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