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Zzap 42 (Oct 1988) front cover
Zzap Amiga/64
Previous issue Issue 42      October 1988      1 Megatape Next issue
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Pages 132 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 4-5,7
Game Reviews 33 Average 67 %
Re-release Game Reviews 5 Average 76 %
All Reviews 38 Average 69 %
Cover Story The Zzap! Mega Cassette! Featuring a playable level of our type of game: Katakis by Go!
Walk sideways and win a trip to Egypt with Grandslam
Free 24-page PC show supplement
Amiga reviews in Zzap! - It's official!
Starglider 2: The greatest Amiga game yet?
Editor Gordon Houghton
Note Due to a lawsuit from Activision, US Gold pulled all promotional material related to the game Katakis. This included removing it from the Zzap megatape. The game was replaced with Time Tunnel at the last minute, and instructions appear in Zzap 43 on page 10. A full explanation of the problem is on Zzap 43 page 11.

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