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Zzap 45 (Jan 1989) front cover
Zzap Amiga/64
Previous issue Issue 45      January 1989      1 Megatape Next issue
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Pages 116 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 5,7
Game Reviews 26 Average 70 %
Compilation Game Reviews 10 Average 71 %
All Reviews 36 Average 71 %
Cover Story The hottest arcade conversion around... WEC Le Mans drives you wild!
A playable demo of Robocop! And a free Zzap! Sizzler! Parallax!
That was the year that was: Rockford rounds off 1988 with a tearful look back
Compilofax 2: Which compilations should you buy (again)?
Win a video recorder! Courtesy of Epyx
Editor Gordon Houghton

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