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Zzap 47 (Mar 1989) front cover
Zzap Amiga/64
Previous issue Issue 47      March 1989       Next issue
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Pages 100 Price £1.25
Contents Pages 5,7
Game Reviews 62 Average 60 %
All Reviews 62 Average 60 %
Cover Story Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders: Do games come and sillier than this?
Rocket Ranger: Save the world from Nazi domination!
LED Storm: Sizzling arcade action from US Gold!
Over 60 games reviewed! Including Batman, Afterburner, Menace, Soldier of Light, Robocop, SDI, Tiger Road, WEC Le Mans, Superman, TV Sports Football, Dragon Ninja, R-Type, Last Duel, Spitting Image, Mickey Mouse and loads more!
Win! A remote control buggy, a complete aquarium (eh?), loads of hotline prizes!
Discover Zzap!'s best kept secret: Lloyd Mangram unveiled!
New look! It's so hot you could fry bacon on it
Editor Gordon Houghton

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