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Zzap 64 (Aug 1990) front cover
Zzap Amiga/64
Previous issue Issue 64      August 1990       Next issue
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Pages 84 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 5
Game Reviews 24 Average 69 %
Re-release Game Reviews 6 Average 66 %
All Reviews 30 Average 68 %
Cover Story Previewed: Time Machine: Past, present & future tension
Klax: The best Tengen game yet!
Kick Off 2: Anco win the World Cup!
Turrican: The Sizzling Amiga version
Unreal: A Gallic showstopper!
The def guide to handhelds
Win a Swatch watch with Domark
Editor Stuart Wynne
Note Don't believe everything you see on the contents page! The magazine shows a lot of reviews that simply do not exist in the magazine!

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