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Amiga Power 1 (May 1991) front cover
Amiga Power
Previous issue Issue 1      May 1991      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Pages 116 Price £2.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 33 Average 68 %
Budget Game Reviews 1 Average 63 %
Re-release Game Reviews 8 Average 72 %
All Reviews 42 Average 69 %
Cover Story More games more style: Unmissable reviews of over 40 new games!
8 pages packed with tips! Rainbow Islands complete guide! Starts on page 53
Turning rebellion into money: Just who do Renegade think they are?
From nowhere: The future of arcade adventures sneaks in through the back door
Look! Complete game: Bombuzal (Image Works)
Classic or turkey? Don't miss the complete low-down on every Amiga game released over the last year!
Cybercon 3: The quest for perfect solid 3D continues...
Railroad Tycoon: Sounds awful, looks dull - so what makes it so blooming good?
Chuck Rock: Mario Brothers meets The Flintstones
P.S. Whatever happened to Hawk? Find out inside...
Spine Text More games more style
Editor Matt Bielby

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