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Amiga Power
Sensible Software Backlash

The letters page 'Do the write thing' in Amiga Power issue 47 featured a whole page of abuse directed at Sensible Software over the games Cannon Fodder 2 and Sensible World of Soccer. Some highlights from a selection of the letters relating to Cannon Fodder 2:


Cannon Fodder 2 alien level

"You're wasting your time with a CF2 guide, as nobody is a-playing it. Not 'cos it's too hard - I speak as someone who can finish the original with 100+ men, but because it's so boring. Relentless attacks by numberless enemies is NOT more exciting - it's merely monotonous. By the time you've worked out which blobs are your men, there are none left alive, and unless you're alive you can't play, and if you don't play...

And the whole thing looks so ugly.

The game was obviously cobbled together by 'someone' who totally fails to understand the appeal of the original CF."

Theobald Von Betmann-Hollweg, North Humberside


"Will you please pass on to Cambium Winstanley my best wishes. I need to let him know just how right he is about the Alien levels of Cannon Fodder 2 - as seen on your cover disk. He's spot on about this aesthetic Hades of mauveness appearing as a torn finger nail on the eye, and electrodes being applied to the testicles of atmosphere."

Mike Nesmith, a hugely successful business executive in Wolverhampton now, apparently


"What the hell has come over Sensible Software in the last few months, and is it related to the arrival of games playing guru Stuart Campbell? Imagine my frustration when I can't make any progress beyond level 4 in CF2.

Games should tempt you in, the learning curve should tease you to get you just a little bit further than just shutting you out.

Personally, the only levels I've found interesting have been the desert ones (although I obviously haven't seen many) - your review was quite right about the Alien levels, so ignore Stuart's petulance. When push comes to shove, it's just not worth what we're being expected to pay, and I've abandoned it and gone back to the original, basically because it's more fun to play."

Paul Fillery, Worcester


In the face of such massive and lengthy criticism, ex-AP deputy editor and CF2 designer Stuart Campbell replied with a typically arrogant response. Highlights:


"Anyway, from the day of release, CF2 was selling for If you paid £19.99, so if you paid £30 for it, more fool you.

Yes the game's harder now, but it's still beatable. OF COURSE Exeter got thrashed by Manchester United, you utter buffoon.

The predominant feature of the levels in CF2 (and I should know, since I designed them) is that there are usually two ways to do them. The obvious, difficult, stupid way, and the clever way. Try thinking like a bit more of a tricky trickster and you might start to get somewhere. Cam spotted this in his review. I'm surprised I have to tell you again."

"People 'new to the whole Cannon Fodder experience'? Like who?"

Stuart Campbell, Sensible Software


This reply along with a similar SWIZ article about the flaws in Sensible World of Soccer saw Sensible Software lose a lot of their loyal fans.

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