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Since computer magazines began, people had been writing in complaining about the high cost of games and the huge profits being made by publishers. Amiga Format decided to publish a feature including a cost breakdown of games in AF57 (March 1994) on pages 24-27. The figures were supplied by Richard Hennerley, MD of Daze Marketing based on a £25.99 game:

£3.87 VAT
£7.74 Retailer
£4.43 Distributor
£9.95 Publisher

Publisher figure breakdown:

£0.80 Disks (2 at 40p each)
£0.41 Box (including wrap)
£0.35 Manual
£0.90 Marketing
£0.25 Reproduction
£1.99 Royalty
£5.25 Gross Profit

The gross profit has to pay development costs, overheads, salaries, rents, taxes and help pay for games that flop!

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