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Dragon Ninja awarded 4% Apology (of sorts!) printed in Amiga Power issue 13 on page 52

In AP8 (December 1991), Dragon Ninja was re-released by Ocean on their Hit Squad label. Stuart Campbell reviewed the game and awarded it just 4% because the programmers had forgotten to include the ability to jump! (The jump move is vital because the second level requires you to jump 2 gaps in a truck and failure to do so results in the loss of a life each time).

Stuart then complained about how poor other reviewers had been for not finding and reporting the jump bug, but admitted that apart from that problem, it was a reasonable game.

Well it turns out that none of the Amiga Power team could figure out the move, despite each having read the instructions. (For anybody wanting to jump, just press up on the joystick and while in mid-air, center the joystick then move left or right to jump in that direction). It was only later when somebody from the publishing house demonstrated the move that they grudgingly accepted that the move was possible.

As a result a correction was issued on page 52 of Amiga Power no. 13 and the score upped by 10 points to 14%.

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