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C+VG was an abysmally poor magazine, which turned from a semi-serious magazine into a console magazine for kiddies with a shocking layout. Huge screenshots hid the fact the review content was small and of poor quality. The magazine delighted in plastering the word Exclusive all over the cover.

The magazine hated the Amiga, with the editor consistently telling readers to buy an Atari ST.

Good points

  • It was cheaper than magazines like Zzap in the early days.
  • Arcade Action section was very good (until Julian Rignall took it over and butchered it).


  • Obsessed with consoles and games. Poor console games were consistently awarded C+VG Hits.
  • Hated the Amiga.
  • Consistently gave Atari ST games higher marks than the Amiga versions, when the games were often identical except for better music on the Amiga versions.
  • Page numbers were often left out or incorrect.
  • Shoddy editing, some reviews had white text on white or entire panels missing.
  • The end of a review was often cut-off.
  • Useless sections like PBM (Play by Mail). Why anybody would want to send a pound off per turn to play some stupid game by mail is beyond me!
  • Renaming Wayne's section to AGM without ever saying what AGM stood for!


  • In August 1989, C+VG decided to include an issue number with the magazine. In true C+VG style, they could not even count back correctly to work out what issue it was! August 1989 was numbered 93 in the magazine, even though it was the 94th issue! To keep consistent with Mort's scans and other sites on the internet, this issue is numbered as 93b.
  • In issue 76 (February 1988), the Out Run review for the C64 and Amstrad included a screenshot which was actually created by a reader in the Frame Up section of issue 72 (October 1987).
  • In issue 110 (January 1991), the Amstrad tips section was either left out completely or printed in a white font on a white page!
Check the Out Run shots! Useful Amstrad tips

The glory days, November 1987

The 1987-1988 period was probably C+VG's best, with good covers, easy to follow contents page, tidy reviews, a frame-up section of reader's artwork, posters in the middle of the mag, and a slick arcade action section by Clare Edgeley.

However, the scoring system still used a hopeless out-of-ten mark and the game of the month award seemed to be given away to games that did not even score the highest! But the mag was not too bad overall...

Redesign in March 1991

  • March 1991 saw the hit award change from C+VG Hit (needing 85%) to simply CVG Hit (now needing 90%) and a new logo.
  • A new ByteSize section was introduced which included about 5-6 games on a page. These reviews are so berift of detail that they are practically useless!
  • The layout meant the reviews could become smaller, with hardly any text and huge screenshots.
  • Multiple reviewers for each game (with a small pic of the reviewers face) was copied from Zzap.

April 1991

What a dog's breakfast! Looks like a kids (s)crapbook

Redesign in May 1992

  • A new wider page format was introduced.
  • Incredibly, the magazine decided to dumb down for the console kiddies with a "splash as much colour and big pictures around as possible" mentality.
  • Computer game reviews were decreased to make way for more console games.
  • The Amiga was at it's peak yet received only 1-2 reviews per issue.
  • Previews were mixed in with reviews on the contents page.
  • The mail pages continued to be wasted with huge headings and pictures.


  • Adventure: Keith Campbell, The Fiend
  • Advertisement Manager: Garry Williams
  • Arcades: Clare Edgeley, Julian Rignall
  • Art Editor: Craig Kennedy
  • Fantasy Role Playing: Wayne
  • Hot Gossip: Tony Takoushi
  • Publisher: Terry Pratt
  • Reviews: Matt Bielby, David Bishop, Ian Machin, Sammantha Murphy, Lee Paddon, Steve Badsey, Brian Webber, Richard Hewison

Writeup by Codetapper

Computer + Video Games Awards
Award Logo Name and Description
Blitz Game

C+VG Game of the month

C+VG Hit! (-Jul 1989)

This award was handed out until the July 1989 issue
ST Hit

C+VG Hit! (Aug 1989-Feb 1991)

This award was given out from August 1989 until February 1991
CVG Hit (Mar 1991-Apr 1994)

Awarded to games receiving a score of 90% and above (TBC)
CVG Gold (May 1994-)

This was awarded to games receiving scores 95% and above
CVG Hit! (May 1994-)

This was awarded to games receiving scores between 90% and 94%

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