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AUI Vol 7 No 8 (Sep 1993) front cover
Amiga User International 3.0
Previous issue Volume 7 No 8      September 1993      1 coverdisk Next issue
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Coverdisk Contents

Superdisk No. 26 Type Pages
Performance monitor that includes CPU and memory usage dials
Utility 6
DiskSalv v2
Recovers disks and files
Utility 6 7
Filters out AmigaGuide commands leaving just the text
Utility 7
Ray tracing article
2nd part of last months ray-tracing article
Miscellaneous 8
IFF picture display program by Aric Caley with a large range of wipes and fade effects controllable by Arexx
Miscellaneous 8
STP v1.41
Soundtracker module player that includes functions of a CD player and a spectrum analyser
Utility (Sound) 7
Translate v1.00
Convert IFF-ILBM pictures into RAW data. Handles 1-24 bitplanes and images of any size
Utility (Gfx) 7
Virus Checker v6.28 Utility (Virus Checker)
Workbench Games
6 games that run on the Workbench including Tetris, Boulderdash, Biplanes and Poing
Game (PD Full) 7

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