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Amiga Action 20 (May 1991) front cover
Amiga Action 1 (Oct 1989-Jun 1992)
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
A.M.A.S.   Amiga
8-bit stereo sound digitiser with midi interface
Microdeal 64-65
Amiga for Beginners   Amiga Abacus 64
Amiga Hardware Reference Manual: Revised & Updated   Amiga Addison Wesley 64
Amiga Programmer's Guide   Amiga Abacus 64
Budbrain Megademo   Amiga
Ultimate PD, disk D028
Public domain 104
Citizen Swift 24 Colour Printer   Amiga Citizen 65
Citizen Swift 9 Colour Printer   Amiga Citizen 65
CM8833-II Colour Monitor   Amiga Philips 64-65
Digi-View Gold   Amiga
Video digitiser
Newtek Incorporated 64-65
Mike Tyson Animation   Amiga
Strictly PD, disk D148
Public domain 104
Pen Pal   Amiga
Word processor
Softwood Incorporated 64-65
Pro-Ram   Amiga
A500 ram expansion
Gordon Harwood 65
The Simpsons   Amiga
Public domain 104
Squirrel and AT-AT Animation (Amy vs Walker Demo)   Amiga
NBS PD, disk D585
Public domain 104
Subway Demo   Amiga Public domain 104

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