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Commodore User (Aug 1987) front cover
Commodore User (Jun 1986-Jan 1989)
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Atlantic Balloon Challenge   C64 Virgin 7/10 Ken McMahon 49
B24   C64 SSI/US Gold 7/10 Tony Hetherington 66-67
Barbarian   Amiga Psygnosis 6/10 Francis Jago 75 View Hall of Light entry
Battlantis   Arcade Konami 7/10 Ferdy Hamilton 84-85
Battle Cruiser   C64 SSI 7/10 Mark Patterson 73
Bride of Frankenstein   C64 Ariolasoft 6/10 Bill Scolding 57
Championship Golf   Amiga Activision 8/10 Francis Jago 76-77 View Hall of Light entry
Convoy Raider   C64 Gremlin 7/10 Ken McMahon 71
Darius   Arcade Taito 7/10 Ferdy Hamilton 84
Deadringer   C64 Reaktor 7/10 Bill Scolding 62
Deceptor   C64 US Gold 1/10 Bill Scolding 55
Defender of the Crown   C64
Not awarded a CU Super Star despite receiving a high rating
Mindscape 9/10 Mark Patterson 32-33 View Hall of Light entry
Denarius   C64 Firebird 6/10 Bohdan Buciak 42-43
Double Dragon   Arcade Taito 9/10 Ferdy Hamilton 84-85 View Hall of Light entry
Electronic Novels   C64
Game series that includes MINDWHEEL, ESSEX and BRIMSTONE
US Gold/Broderbund 5/10 Keith Campbell 80-81
Exolon   C64 Hewson 6/10 Bill Scolding 50 View Hall of Light entry
Fifth Quadrant   C64 Bubble Bus 5/10 Mark Patterson 38-39
Kikstart 2   C64 Mastertronic 8/10 Ferdy Hamilton 56 View Hall of Light entry
Laurel & Hardy   C64 Advance 6/10 Tony Hetherington 31
Leaderboard   Amiga Access/US Gold 7/10 Francis Jago 76-77 View Hall of Light entry
The Lurking Horror   Amiga,C64 Infocom/Activision 9/10 Keith Campbell 78-79 View Hall of Light entry
Mean 18   Amiga Accolade 5/10 Francis Jago 76-77 View Hall of Light entry
Mountie Mick's Deathride   C64 Reaktor/Ariolasoft 1/10 Mark Patterson 38-39
Mystery of the Nile   C64 Firebird 7/10 Bohdan Buciak 44
Passengers on the Wind   C64 Infogrames 5/10 Bill Scolding 52-53 View Hall of Light entry
Quartet   C64 Activision 6/10 Ferdy Hamilton 30
Re-Bounder   C64 Gremlin 7/10 Ken McMahon 17
Road Runner   C64 US Gold 5/10 Eugene Lacey 18-19
Sqij!   C64 The Power House 5/10 Tony Hetherington 39
Star Paws   C64 Software Projects 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Ferdy Hamilton 20
Table Football   C64 Budgie Software 5/10 Bohdan Buciak 43
Taito Airlines   Arcade Taito 7/10 Ferdy Hamilton 87
The Three Musketeers   C64 Computer Novels 5/10 Keith Campbell 80 View Hall of Light entry
Thunderbolt   C64 Code Masters 6/10 Mark Patterson 42-43
Treasure Island   C64 Mastertronic 4/10 Keith Campbell 81
Zynaps   C64 Hewson 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Mark Patterson 40 View Hall of Light entry

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