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Commodore User (May 1987) front cover
Commodore User (Jun 1986-Jan 1989)
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Aliens   C64 Activision 4/10 Mike Pattenden 48
Armourdillo   C64 Code Masters 1/10 Mark Patterson 46-47
Auf Wiedersehen Monty   C64 Gremlin Graphics 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Eugene Lacey 18-19
Battalion Commander   C64 US Gold 5/10 Mark Patterson 37
Big Trouble in Little China   C64 Electric Dreams 3/10 Bill Scolding 23
Colonial Conquest   C64 SSI/US Gold 8/10 Tony Hetherington 40
Cyborg   C64 CRL 7/10 Bill Scolding 44
FA Cup Football   C64 Virgin 2/10 Mike Pattenden 47
Feud   C64 Bulldog 6/10 Chris Cain 59 View Hall of Light entry
Firetrack   C64 Electric Dreams 8/10 Bill Scolding 33
Flying Shark   Arcade Taito 9/10 Nick Kelly 90 View Hall of Light entry
Guild of Thieves   Amiga,C64 Magentic Scrolls/Rainbird 10/10 Keith Campbell 66-67 View Hall of Light entry
Gun Law   C16/Plus 4 Mastertronic 6/10 Fikret Cuffei 63
The Ket Trilogy   C64 Incentive Software 7/10 Keith Campbell 70-71
Kobyashi Naru   C64 Mastertronic 6/10 Keith Campbell 70
Ninja Master   C16/Plus 4 Firebird 4/10 Ken McMahon 62-63
Pneumatic Hammers   C64 Firebird 6/10 Bill Scolding 61
Rastan Saga   Arcade Taito 9./10 Nick Kelly 91
Rogue Trooper   C64 Piranha 6/10 Ferdy Hamilton 21
Romulus   C64 Quicksilva 8/10 Bill Scolding 46-47
Scooby Doo   C16/Plus 4 Elite 8/10 Ken McMahon 62-63
The Shadows of Mordor   C64 Melbourne House 4/10 Keith Campbell 72-73
Shockway Rider   C64 FTL 8/10 Ken McMahon 53
Starglider   Amiga Rainbird 7/10 Francis Jago 57 View Hall of Light entry
Star Raiders 2   C64 Electric Dreams 3/10 Mike Pattenden 29
Super Soccer   C64 Imagine 2/10 Mike Pattenden 24
The Sydney Affair   C64 Infogrames 7/10 Bohdan Buciak 30-31
Tag Team Wrestling   C64 Data East 6/10 Ferdy Hamilton 17
Wargame Construction Set   C64 SSI/US Gold 8/10 Tony Hetherington 38-39 View Hall of Light entry

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